UNLIMITED INSIGHTS is our music and media consultancy. We offer a range of training courses, and provide training, research, event, consulting and creative services, with specialist knowledge of the music, media, culture and communication sectors.

CMU INSIGHTS is a leading provider of training and consultancy to the music industry and companies working with music. We offer a range of training courses and in-house training services, and undertake research projects on behalf of music industry clients | MORE

CMU INSIGHTS TRAINING HUB provides a regular series of seminars and masterclasses in London, runs courses for members of industry organisations like BPI, MMF and IMRO, and delivers off-the-shelf and bespoke training sessions for a wide range of music companies | MORE

CMU INSIGHTS RESEARCH HUB undertakes research projects on behalf of the music industry, tapping into our expertise in music rights, artist deals, content development and delivery, the streaming business, direct-to-fan, ticketing, social media and music PR | MORE

CMU INSIGHTS CONFERENCES take place at the heart of The Great Escape showcase festival and industry convention in Brighton each May. They are full-day events, each conference focused on a different aspect of the music industry with a combination of talks, case studies, interviews and panel discussions | MORE

MEDIA INSIGHTS is an acclaimed provider of training and consultancy to the media and communication sectors. We understand the news and media industries of today, create and deliver engaging media and content for clients, and advise on how businesses should manage their reputations and relationships | MORE